Why a Different View of Sales is Driving Misalignment Between Departments

Today’s most successful companies share a singular focus: the consumer. Yet, many companies struggle achieving true alignment and prioritization across the organization, delivering subpar consumer experiences. In this session, we will shed light on the key differences in the way marketing, product, and sales teams think about the consumer and how to create better alignment for enhanced consumer experiences and accelerated company growth.

About Nick:

As a 20 year marketing veteran Nick has helped brands like The North Face, Oakley, GoPro, New Balance, Reebok, Best Buy, REI, and others grow their business through authentic and engaging marketing campaigns. Nick is the Vice President of Marketing at ExpertVoice, the worlds most effective advocacy marketing platform, where he leads a team of digital, creative, and data-driven marketers. Nick is a published author and speaker, specializing in advocacy marketing, retail marketing, and executive leadership. In his spare time, Nick travels the world, follows the Utah Jazz, consumes podcasts, and seeks adventures in the outdoors with his wife and four kids.


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