On May 16, 2019 we hosted Josh Miles as he unpacked the concepts in his book, Bold Brand 2.0.

Bold Brand™ is a framework and best-practices approach to help professional services firms identify a niche, position themselves within that niche, and build a compelling brand. This framework guides professionals step-by-step through the process, illuminating potential pitfalls along the way. Josh Miles developed Bold Brand 2.0 as a way of sharing and teaching that framework in a way that applies to a broad cross-section of professional services and B2B clients.

While branding is at its heart a “creative process,” for many professionals it often sounds too soft and nebulous to have any tangible value. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this presentation, Josh will walk you through a proven process—from positioning to digital marketing basics—that will show you how to find your niche, position the business, and develop a Bold Brand.