Compliance vs Commitment: How to Go Beyond Accessibility with Advertising and Disability

Agencies and advertisers are taking greater strides to advance diversity, equity and inclusion, but how does disability fit in? Learn why checking the box for website accessibility is not enough, and how you can move from compliance to disability commitments.

One in four people in the US has some type of disability, which translates into millions of potential disabled customers, clients and colleagues, but many in this group still feel underrepresented and isolated even as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. When people with disabilities are not featured in advertising, relegated to an accessibility landing page, or not part of the advertising and marketing team, this lack of representation conveys a marginalized connectivity and minimal commitment. Josh will share actionable steps to better operationalize disability in advertising.

This presentation highlights the evolving perceptions, advocacy and movement of the disability community, the largest minority group in the US, and how the advertising industry needs to go beyond bolting on disability after-the-fact to embed inclusion from the start. No matter your role at the agency or advertiser, you’ll find out how disability inclusion augments and supports the creative and campaign process. Josh brings a conversational and connective approach in the presentation to: 

  1. Inform with an overview of definitions, background, buying power and history of disability in advertising. 
  2. Convey creative best-practices and pitfalls of disability in advertising.
  3. Provide operational action steps for disability inclusion across campaigns. 
  4. Discuss avenues to recruit staff and activate an external network of disabled allies and advocates.


Aug 06 2020


11:30 am


Virtual Event





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